The appointments for our new Orthodontic patients 

Consulting appointment

The consulting appointment is the first session where we talk to the patient and his/her parents about the treatment. This session takes about 30 minutes and is free of charge.

You need to fill out a questionnaire about your expectations from this treatment, things you do not like about your face and smile, medical history, similar problems in your family, current or old habits, breathing problems, and sleeping habits.

After that, it’s time for the examination. In this step, your posture, face symmetry, smile, jaw joints, oral hygiene, tongue position, habits, and your breathing pattern will be examined.

Also, treatment plans and probable costs are discussed and necessary radiography or scans will be ordered.

Record and information gathering session

In case you have enough time and your radiology/scans are ready, the consulting session can be followed by this session.

If you decide to start the orthodontic treatment, this session’s charges will be paid back to you.

To study your teeth positions we need models of your teeth, so we will get impressions of your upper and lower jaw during this appointment. Using these models, your teeth size and the spaces in your jaws will be carefully measured. 

In this session, we will take some pictures from your teeth and smile, which will not only help us with the treatment plan, but also for comparing your condition before and after the treatment.

Meanwhile, in this appointment your radiology file will be sent to the analysis centre for cephalometric analysis. The results show your jaws’ positions towards each other and whether the position is right or wrong compared to other bones in the skull. Also, the size of your lips, their positions and jaw size will be analysed.

You can download a sample cephalometric analysis here


Treatment plan appointment

This session is free of charge

In the treatment plan session, we will discuss the analysis results, things that need treatment, and the different treatment plans with the patient and also talk about advantages and disadvantages of each treatment plan.

Also, the consent letter, treatment plans, and payment methods are given to you printed on paper.

There is no need to decide in this session and agree with the recommended plan. You will have enough time to make a decision in the following days using the print outs including the treatment plans and explanations, and call whenever you are ready.

Treatment appointments

Depending on your treatment plan, the special appliances will be placed in your mouth, and essential information will be given to you, along with some printed information about your hygiene during the treatment.

Usually this session takes a lot of time and depending on your treatment plan, it may have to be repeated.

Check-up appointments

According to the tools used in your treatment, you have to visit us every 4 to 10 weeks. We will analyse the progress so far and modify the plan if required.

These sessions are also free of charge and your payment amount does not depend on the number of your check-up appointments.

End of the treatment

In this appointment, the appliances will be removed from your mouth and we will clean and polish your teeth. Your retainer will be either given to you, or they will be set up behind your teeth.

Your orthodontic bills will cover the cost of your fixed retainer for one year and after that, in case you need a new retainer or if you just need it to be fixed, the cost is on you.

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